Wednesday, 21 September 2016

3 Things to improve for the trimester!

1) I have to ensure that I'm structuring my sentences correctly without punctuation errors

2) I have to work on my verb tense consistency

3) I have to improve on my subject verb agreement

Summary on Detroit House

In the article “This Detroit House is Being Turned into a Living Model of Cost-Saving Sustainable Design”, Peters (2016) writes about the “Motown Movement” project that three graduated architect students from the Netherlands created. The objectivity of the project is to transform those once-over homes into comfortable and sustainable living conditions that utilises inexpensive and DIY methods. The graduates had studied about declining cities and came across Detroit through their lessons. Peters stated that they came up with reasonable ideas that will improve the living circumstances of the people who are clueless in executing this economically. Setting up a training centre and workshops to teach the families on how to operate new functions with resources like insulation, solar panels, and greywater system where the required items are accessible locally and in any Home Depot, thus making it inexpensive for the community. To reach their aim, the architect graduates are partnering with regional establishment to involve the project and reach out to more people in the community. Furthermore, they intend to implement a master’s program with the aid of Delft University of Technology for undergraduates to expand this plan worldwide. Although the graduates’ efforts are greatly appreciated for their clarity in their implementation of the idea of sustainability and low-cost execution using DIY methods, I feel that this would still not be made possible at all places without taking other factors into consideration. Not everyone could adapt to changes especially when they are so used to their fixed living standards. Disagreements among the community should be taken care of beforehand so their efforts will be supported by all and have a maximum rapid reach.

Source: Peters, A. (2016, July 7). This Detroit House is Being Turned into a Living Model of Cost-Saving Sustainable Design. Taken from

Sunday, 11 September 2016

My English Learning Journey

Just like most of the children born in the 1990s era, I only came across the need and the purpose to learn English language in my primary school education. I was born in an Indian family. My grandmother brought me up teaching me Tamil language. I learnt to speak Tamil easily as I was listening to it all the time.

Singapore, a society with people of different races, need a common language where everyone can easily interact with each other. I would never say it was easy to speak and write English in my early days. It was sudden. I was compelled to learn it in order to speak to my teachers and fellow classmates. I felt down when I couldn’t express what I wanted to share in English. My grammar was totally wrong. I didn't use much vocabularies or adjectives in my sentences because I always feared I was going to say something wrong. I hardly passed the English subject in my primary school although I loved reading story books.

In my secondary school and polytechnic days, I made a lot of non-Indian friends where I had to interact with them in English. I chose to come out of the fear and speak to people from different races. The more I spoke, my self-esteem increased. I had to face an Italian employer during my first part time job. Initially, I was fearful due to his accent and different way of speaking English compared to an Asian. However, when I could speak to him and answer his questions, I realised that I could talk to anybody in English.

I believe there learning English doesn't have an end. At every phase of my life, my English is always better than yesterday. I hope I will be proficient in this language someday.

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Formal Email

To: Brad Blackstone
From: Samuel Rajendran
Date: 12 September 2016
Subject: My Introduction

Dear Brad,

This e-mail serves as a purpose to introduce myself, my educational background, goals for studying in this SIT programme and my aims for the future. I’m R Samuel S/O Rajendran. I’m 23 years old, an Indian and a Protestant by faith.

I graduated with a Diploma in Information Technology from Singapore Polytechnic (SP) in 2014 before I went on to serve my National Service (NS). During my polytechnic days, I was taught designing, programming and networking. I was very much interested in designing and networking compared to programming as I found it repetitious.

From a completely different educational background, my friends tend to question me on why I’m into engineering (building services) when I could easily get a course related to my diploma. I aim to be an engineer working under the sector of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in Singapore. I was always fascinated by this industry due to my father who used to be a civil engineer. Thus, I applied and enrolled into this current course of mine in SIT.

My goals are to do well in every module taken in every trimester. I would want to upgrade myself both academically and in my interpersonal skills. Communication is very essential in our everyday life. I look forward to your next lessons to improve my communication skills. I’m appreciative in learning your module, Effective Communication, which I believe would nurture me as a person who would be preferred by companies that requires good communication skills

Thank you for taking your time to read my email.

Yours sincerely
Samuel Rajendran

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