Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Summary on Detroit House

In the article “This Detroit House is Being Turned into a Living Model of Cost-Saving Sustainable Design”, Peters (2016) writes about the “Motown Movement” project that three graduated architect students from the Netherlands created. The objectivity of the project is to transform those once-over homes into comfortable and sustainable living conditions that utilises inexpensive and DIY methods. The graduates had studied about declining cities and came across Detroit through their lessons. Peters stated that they came up with reasonable ideas that will improve the living circumstances of the people who are clueless in executing this economically. Setting up a training centre and workshops to teach the families on how to operate new functions with resources like insulation, solar panels, and greywater system where the required items are accessible locally and in any Home Depot, thus making it inexpensive for the community. To reach their aim, the architect graduates are partnering with regional establishment to involve the project and reach out to more people in the community. Furthermore, they intend to implement a master’s program with the aid of Delft University of Technology for undergraduates to expand this plan worldwide. Although the graduates’ efforts are greatly appreciated for their clarity in their implementation of the idea of sustainability and low-cost execution using DIY methods, I feel that this would still not be made possible at all places without taking other factors into consideration. Not everyone could adapt to changes especially when they are so used to their fixed living standards. Disagreements among the community should be taken care of beforehand so their efforts will be supported by all and have a maximum rapid reach.

Source: Peters, A. (2016, July 7). This Detroit House is Being Turned into a Living Model of Cost-Saving Sustainable Design. Taken from

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